Mediation Solicitors St Albans

Whether a business involved in an employment dispute or an individual going through a divorce, the burden of potentially having to go to court often puts people off settling the argument in a way they feel happy with.

For this reason, it is good practice to use the services of mediation solicitors. St Albans companies and private clients find that mediation is often a much more amenable and cost effective proposition than other legal avenues.

Specially trained mediation solicitors St Albans people can trust are skilled in mediation which means both sides can come away with disputes settled and their lives back on track with minimum disruption.

There are many benefits of using mediation solicitors. St Albans based clients regularly use the trained mediators at Photiades Solicitors and enjoy:

  • Face-to-face contact for a quicker resolution
  • Reduced conflict as a mediator represents both parties’ interests
  • Legal issues resolved there and then
  • Removes the need for expensive court proceedings

When children are involved in divorce proceedings, there is a real benefit to using mediation solicitors. St Albans families can amicably discuss what is best for their children rather than argue via solicitors’ letters. Taking a child to court can be traumatic so by using mediation solicitors St Albans couples can reach a conclusion that suits both sides without the courts getting involved.

When it comes to any kind of dispute, consider using mediation solicitors. St Albans based Photiades has accredited mediators who are understanding and highly skilled at resolving disputes quickly and amicably.

For top mediation solicitors, St Albans residents cannot do much better than contacting Photiades Solicitors.