Mediation Solicitors Hertfordshire

When disputes arise, issues can become a real weight on the shoulders of everyone involved. Rather than having to go through the ordeal of court appearances and long drawn out procedures, many people are turning towards specialist mediation solicitors. Hertfordshire clients can and do contact Photiades Solicitors for such a service.

Why do clients turn to mediation solicitors? Hertfordshire people who have amicably resolved issues using mediation know the advantages that specialists in this legal sector can provide to both sides during disputes:

Balanced Representation: Mediation solicitors, Hertfordshire based and beyond, will not make either side do anything they do not agree with. They will take a step back and encourage communication between the two parties. There is no win-lose situation as it is up to the two sides to come to an agreement. The mediator will act more as a referee than a judge.

Private: Unlike court, mediation takes place in private and is without prejudice, meaning none of the issues discussed can be used in court. This makes mediation very attractive as a first option and there is nothing to lose by giving it a try. In fact recently, it has become necessary to go through mediation before commencing divorce proceedings.

Mediation solicitors Hertfordshire trusts, like those at Photiades, can remove the imbalances of power that can occur in certain cases, particularly those that see disputes involving individuals and large corporations. By involving mediation solicitors, Hertfordshire clients can remain in full control of their own case and agree on outcomes that are in everyone’s best interests.

Photiades has a team of fully trained and highly experienced mediation solicitors. Hertfordshire residents regularly turn to them for advice because of their friendly and approachable reputation and dedication to getting the best outcome.

Contact Photiades for specialist mediation advice on any scale.